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This article will exhibit the process of how to issue a security cheque.

security cheques, or bank guarantees, are an important aspect of doing business in dubai. In fact, for the larger transactions that involves issuing a bank guarantee is mandatory by UAE law. So, how does this process work and what documentation do you need to provide? That’s what we’ll be looking at in this article!

Dubai, uae – how do i get a security cheque? Emirates nbd requires all emirates banking corporation customers to provide a security cheque. The bank provides you with one such cheque through their customer service. However, if for some reason the cheque is lost, the customer can request for a duplicate from the bank .

Security cheque is a written undertaking given by a borrower to his lender in which he undertakes to repay the loan if the principal sum borrowed and the interest thereon are not paid. The security can be any movable or fixed asset of the borrower. Security cheque is a demand draft drawn by a lender and payable on demand, as per demand of the lender, in favour of himself/ herself. That’s why it is also known as banker’s draft.

This document is about Security Cheque for Emirates NBD Credit Card. Emirates NBD Bank has now launched the new credit card Diamond card. The value of this card is AED 999. It is the most luxurious credit card in UAE, that’s why it named ‘Diamond’. It is enriched with various facilities and offers complimentary insurance to the holder for accident and travel as well. You also have a chance to win exciting gifts every month by using it. Whether you want to pay your online bill or book tickets, this credit card will be valuable for you due to its many benefits and facilities granted by the bank.

You have to be careful lending money to people. Money is in abundance, and if someone has an issue with you they can create problems anytime they want. Here’s how: by creating a cheque against your bank account thereby taking your money and ensure that you are penniless.

Dubai security cheque: How to protect your credit card worth in the UAE

Introduction: In the UAE, there’s no lack of security threats. Your credit card could be your most valuable asset in this unsafe country. To protect your account and keep your money safe, we recommend you use a Dubai-based financial institution to process your cheque for travel costs in the UAE.

What is a security cheque.

A security cheque is a type of debit card that requires the cardholder to provide an Authentication Code (AC) and a sum of money (the “security”) to secure the account. The AC can be provided in any form, including by phone, fax, or in-person.

How do you use a security cheque.

The use of a security cheque entails providing the AC and the amount required as security for the account. Once this has been done, the cardholder is requested to present their authentication code at a bank branch or ATM during normal business hours. The bank will then issue them with a cheque for said amount and send it immediately to the cardholder’s account.

If the cardholder fails to present their authentication code or if they forget to provide it during regular business hours, they may be subject to legal action taken by banks against them for not meeting their financial obligations.

What are the benefits of using a security cheque.

A security cheque is a perfect way to protect your credit card worth in the UAE. By using a security cheque, you can ensure that your money is always safe and secure. The cheque will also help to protect your assets in the UAE, since it will not be available for use until after payment has been received.

To protect your assets in the UAE.

Another benefit of using a security cheque is that it can help to protect your assets in the UAE. By using a security cheche, you can ensure that you have enough money to cover any emergencies or other unexpected expenses. Additionally, using a security cheque can help to reduce your risk of losing money if something goes wrong with your account or if you are sued by someone who owes you money.

Tips for Protecting Your Credit Card Worth in the UAE.

When you receive your security cheque, be sure to check the amount and make sure it is correct. If you don’t already have your credit card number, ask the bank for it.

Make sure you are storing your security cheques in a safe place.

If you store your security cheques in a high-security location, make sure that you also store any important documents related to the credit card, such as account numbers and passwords.

Make sure you are paying your cheques on time.

Make sure to always pay your bills on time and keep track of all of your payments so that you can easily reimbursed if needed. These steps will help protect your credit card worth in the UAE.


Using a security cheque can protect your credit card worth in the UAE and help protect your assets. Make sure you are getting the correct security cheque and storing your cheques in a safe place, so that you can always stop any fraud. Finally, make sure to pay your Cheques on time – this will help ensure that your credit card is protected from any potential theft.

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