Hdfc bank fd interest rate

If you are looking for a high interest rate on your money, then Hdfc Bank might be just right for you.

Hdfc Bank offer the maximum interest rate in the market when you open a fixed deposit account with them. So, if you are not interested in other banks then open a fixed deposit account with Hdfc Bank.

Hdfc bank fixed deposit interest rate is very lowest in the Market. It is 2.50% for an amount of Rs.1 lac and above.

Raising a finance query, have a query about the status of your application or maybe you just want to enquire about the interest rates? Hdfc bank is one of the largest private sector banks in India who offer loan product packages to their customers across all segments.

Depositing money in a fixed deposit account is one of the safest and most lucrative ways of saving money. Hdfc bank is one of the oldest banks in India and has a long history. Fixed deposits give you the advantage of earning higher rates of interest on a regular basis. depositors who hoard large amounts in their Hdfc bank fixed deposit accounts can get better rates of interest than depositors with smaller amounts.

As you know hdfc bank is one of the largest private banks in India. To prove the popularity of hdfc bank more than 100 million people are saving the money in this bank on a daily basis.

Hdfc bank FD interest rate: What you need to know


If you’re looking to save money on your FDIC insurance, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, always compare the interest rates offered by different banks. You can do this by visiting online banking or calling your bank. The FDIC offers a variety of rates, so be sure to compare and find the best deal for your needs. Additionally, check with your credit score company to see if they offer FDIC insurance for your business.

The History of the HDFC Bank FD.

The HDFC Bank FD is federally insured. This means that the bank has a guarantee against any loss you could experience from your deposited money. In addition, the bank offers several insurance products that can help protect your deposited money.

The most common product offered by the HDFC Bank FD is FDIC insurance. This insurance helps protect you in the event that your account is lost or stolen. Other products offered by the HDFC Bank FD include:

-liability insurance: This protects you against any legal action that may be taken against you for activities associated with your account, such as lending or investing money.

– indemnity insurance: This covers you and your business partners if something expensive or unexpected happens to one of your loans or investments.

– moratorium insurance: This coverings you and/or your banker in case of a financial crisis (such as a recession).

What HDFC Bank FD Rates Are.

HDFC Bank FD rates are generally lower than other banks when it comes to interest payments on loans and investments. However, there are some exceptions! For example, HDFC Bank allows its customers to borrow at higher interest rates than most other banks because they believe in bringing credit under control for all consumers.”

HDFC Bank FD Rates and Fees.

HDFC Bank offers savings accounts with various interest rates and fees. The interest rates for savings accounts vary from bank to bank, but generally the higher the rate, the higher the fee. For example, a 2-year high yield savings account at HDFC Bank may have a 0.50% interest rate while a 1-year high yieldsavings account at another bank may have a 0.25% interest rate. Some banks also offer anniversary special rates for savings Accounts which are typically 5-10 basis points higher than their regular account rates.

HDFC Bank FD Rates and Fees for NOW Accounts.

HDFC Bank’s current account offers an FDinterest rate of 0%. This account is targeted towards individuals who already have some deposited in an HDFC Bank account or who plan to deposit in the near future. For those reasons, this account is not recommended for small businesses or first time depositors who do not yet have an HDFC Bank checking or savings account experience. If you open an HDFC Bank current account now, be sure to compare your average daily balance and FD interest rate against other banks before opening the account so that you can make informed decision about whether this is the right choice for you.

HDFC Bank FD Rates and Fees for CDs.

CDs provide a long-term investment vehicle that can offer great returns if properly invested with correct maturity dates and fees paid on each CD note redeemed by consumers (or used as part of a 529 college Savings Plan education). Agression fees on freshly issued CDs are typically 1%, while any outstandingBalance left over after 6 months will result in an accruedInterest payment of 3%, plus any applicablePremiums associated with that particular certificate type

HDFCBank begins charging annual Premium Payments (currently $5 per year) when certificates reach 50 outstanding principal balances subject to renewal at any time during their term of validity provided they remain unsold; however, these Annual Premium Payments will no longer apply once all 50 principal balances have been sold/exchanged.”

HDFC Bank FD Rates and Fees for Mortgage Accounts.

HDFC Bank has threemortgage rates: thefixed rate, thevariable rate, and the teaser rate. The fixed-rate mortgage is a long-term loan with a fixed interest rate that varies based on your credit score. The variable-rate mortgage is a short-term loan with a Variable interest rate that can changeuddenly. The teaser rate is a short-term loan with a Variable interest rate that peaks at 25% but decreases over time to 10%.

The HDFC Bank FD fees for mortgages are as follows:

A fee of 2.9% will be added to all loans acquired through HDFC Bank pesticides program (up to Rs 30,000).

A fee of 3.8% will be added to all loans acquired through other branches or outside of India (up to Rs 1 crore).

A fee of 4.5% will be added to all loans acquired through home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) up to Rs 5 lakh.

All other fees are standard bank charges which apply to all products and services offered by HDFC Bank.

This section provides information about HDFC Bank’s mortgage rates and fees for mortgages in India/ abroad as well as for Loans such as consumer finance products like HELOCs etc.


HDFC Bank FD rates and fees are some of the best in the banking sector. With over 30 years of experience, the bank has developed a strong portfolio of products and services for its customers. In addition, HDFC Bank FD rates and fees are typically lower than other banks in the area. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to save money on their mortgage or loan payments. For savings accounts and NOW accounts, HDFC Bank FD rates are also very low compared to other banks, making them a great option for budget-minded individuals. Finally, loans are another area where HDFC Bank FD rates and feesbeat others in the market. With RatesSmart’s help, you can get a high interest rate on your loan without having to break the bank.

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