Home loans for first time home buyers with bad credit

You can buy a house with bad credit.  Every day, mortgage lenders around the country approve applications for first-time buyers with low credit scores. Mortgage lenders care less about bad credit than most people think. According to government data, since 2018, lenders have been making more loans to buyers with below-average credit scores. But, having lower … Read more

Home loans for military with bad credit

VA home loans make buying or refinancing a home more affordable for veterans and active-duty military personnel who qualify. The benefits of VA loans include lower credit score requirements compared to other loans. Read on to learn more! Home loans for military with bad credit What is the lowest credit score for VA loans? At … Read more

Home loans for nurses with bad credit

Nurses are an essential part of society and make for terrific homeowners. Nurses have high wage incomes and stable employment. Plus, they meet the mortgage industry’s 2-year work history requirement with a completed nursing school degree. Mortgage lenders approve nurses across a wide range of credit scores and allow nurses to make little or no … Read more

Home loans for teachers with bad credit

As a teacher, your years are often filled with many nights of sacrifice while you grade papers, as well as financial sacrifices as you purchase classroom supplies necessary for you to provide the best education possible to your children. These sacrifices can often leave you with credit that leaves a lot to be desired, making … Read more